5 Things You Need to Know About Design-Build Construction

by | May 23, 2018 | Design Build

Design-build is an approach to construction projects that combines the design and construction functions into one seamless process. The client has one budget for the entire project that is incorporated into a single contract for services. Alternatively, a traditional approach would require separate contracts with architects, engineers, and construction professionals.

Design-build isn’t necessarily a new concept, but its use has become more widespread. One of the reasons is because of its many benefits to the project or property owner. If you are currently weighing your options, here are five things you need to know about design-build construction.


1. Time and Cost Savings.

One of the biggest reasons cited for using design-build construction over traditional methods is the time and cost savings that you will achieve with your project. Most things are cheaper when you purchase them as a package, and this is no different.

One study concluded that design-build projects complete 33.5% faster on average than design-bid-build projects. Design-build projects also have fewer change orders and come in at an average of 6.1% lower in unit cost than a traditional approach.


2. Total Accountability.

Construction projects often face a variety of roadblocks related to design, materials, or regulatory issues. When these occur under a traditional arrangement, it might be tempting for the parties to point fingers and cause even further delays.

When you use a design-build firm, a single entity is completely accountable for your results. This means that any issues can be resolved quickly so that your project can remain on track for a timely and on-budget completion.


3. Communication and Collaboration.

A design-build scenario offers more continuity among the different components of a project, which means that you are going to have a higher degree of communication and collaboration.

Design-build is a more transparent process, where budgets, timelines, and parameters are worked out in advance. When you have all of the experts under one umbrella, you won’t have to spend your own time and resources coordinating teams. These professionals already know how to work together to achieve your goals.


4. Budget Management.

When you choose a traditional approach to construction, you compartmentalize your projects with a variety of experts in the hope that the pieces will fit together. Unfortunately, scope creep can be a particular issue with some design-bid-build projects.

When you use a design-build firm, you have the opportunity to discuss and manage your budget from the design phase forward. You will receive detailed information about the cost implications of each decision related to your project.


5. Quality Control.

Ambiguity in a construction project can be a breeding ground for quality issues. If there are unclear material or engineering specifications from the architect, this could cause delays and/or unnecessary costs.

A design-build firm integrates the services of the designer, engineer, and builder so that the focus will remain on producing the highest quality product while also protecting the interests of the client.


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