6 Advantages of Design-Build Construction for Your Next Government Project

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Design Build, GSA Approved

Over the past decade, we’ve seen greater use of alternative delivery methods of construction, such as design-build. The traditional method of soliciting and contracting, or design-bid-build, remains widely used, but design-build construction in the public sector has seen significant growth.

According to the Design-Build Institute of America’s latest market study, these methods are expected to grow 18% from 2018 to 2021 to reach more than $320 billion annually. The many advantages of using design-build methods for a government project explain why the market share of this type of construction continues to expand.

1. Design-Build Construction Projects Are a Team Effort

One of the common challenges associated with major construction projects is the collaboration that multiple parties require. A designer might have certain ideas about the project while a contractor sees things differently.

When you work with a design-build contractor, all parties are under the same roof, so this collaboration process is much simpler. If complications do arise, they can be quickly addressed and remedied without costly delays.

2. Open Communication Leads to Clear Construction Planning.

Any construction project belongs to you, not the company you hire. You have the right to frequent updates and open communication about the status of your project.

This message can get distorted when there are too many parties involved. When working with a design-build firm, you’ll get a single point of contact to ensure clear communication and a strong construction plan from start to finish.

3. Get Accountability from Your Commercial Contractor.

When something goes wrong with your design-bid-build project, where do you turn? These issues can be complex. You won’t run into these troubles with a design-build contractor.

When you use a single company from the design through the delivery phase, everything is coordinated in-house. This refers to pricing, scheduling, logistics, engineering, and anything else required. You’ll get complete accountability from your commercial contractor, which also provides peace of mind.

4. Achieve a Transparent Budget Throughout the Project.

Just about everything costs less when it’s purchased as a package, and construction is no exception. Instead of approaching your project piecemeal, it makes more sense to hire a team of professionals that work together and provide you with some cost savings.

Because design-build construction is considered more efficient, it’s also more cost-effective. Not only will you have more transparency with your budget using this process, but you’re also going to save some cash.

5. Faster Completion Times for Your Government Project.

As a general rule, design-build projects take less time to complete than those built through traditional methods. This benefit is achieved by reducing errors and omissions in drawings, eliminating a second procurement process, and permitting concurrent design and construction.

As a government entity, you either need to expand your existing space or create a new facility with some time constraints. This method of construction can help you achieve those goals.

6. Better Quality Control Leads to High-Quality Results.

It can be difficult to put together an orderly and streamlined construction process when you are working with a disjointed team. This is simply the nature of traditional construction methods, but design-build offers a better alternative.

Your design-build contractor will virtually eliminate many of the issues associated with procurement and scheduling by creating orderly steps for your project. You’ll end up with both better quality control throughout the process as well as higher quality results upon delivery.

K-Con, Inc. for Your Next Government Construction Project

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