Avoid These Mistakes When Considering Metal Building Construction

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Building Systems, General

If you are considering a metal building for your next construction project, you are making a wise choice. Not only can these buildings be erected quickly but they are also economical and long-lasting.

Based on experience, there is a right and wrong way to approach these projects. If you choose the wrong contractor, you could get a subpar product or experience problems after corners are cut during installation. Here are several mistakes that you and your building contractor should avoid so that you receive the highest quality metal building for your needs.

Erecting a Steel Building Without a Plan

Metal buildings are meant to be constructed according to a plan. You should sit down with a designer to discuss your project upfront. These plans will include site selection, building design, permitting, and other necessary elements such as utilities. This isn’t something that a construction team should “wing” or play by ear. When it comes time to erect your building, you’ll have a crystal clear idea of what you will be getting.

Putting Up a Steel Building on an Unprepared Site

It would be a monumental mistake to put up metal building on an unprepared site. There may be more time dedicated to preparing your site than erecting your building. There should be a clear road going up to the building site and utilities in place, if possible.

A concrete foundation should be poured for any metal building, and it is vital that the concrete is completely cured before construction can begin. Finally, all materials should be delivered and on site so that there aren’t any delays once the assembly of your building starts.

Cutting Primary Members

When you construct a metal building, the parts are pre-engineered and prefabricated offsite. There should never be any reason to cut primary members. This is dangerous because these parts are designed to bear a certain load and be erected as designed. By altering these designs without an engineer present, you could risk the stability of your structure.

Installing Fasteners Incorrectly

Failing to install fasteners properly could spell disaster for your metal building construction project. These fasteners hold your building’s roof panels in place and should fit tightly, being sealed with a washer. Failing to do this could jeopardize the integrity of your building.

Neglecting to Use Proper Safety Equipment

A metal building construction site is dangerous. There are forklifts, cranes, debris, machinery, and trip hazards. Construction crew members and visitors must remain vigilant about safety on these sites to avoid dangerous and potentially deadly accidents.

Ignoring Customization Requests

As a client, you might have quite a few ideas about how to customize your metal building. This can range from colors to flooring to HVAC systems. You pay for and deserve to have those wishes included in the design and construction of your building. It is also the responsibility of the designer and contractor to incorporate your ideas into the project.

K-Con for Customized Metal Building Construction

Metal buildings offer a quick and versatile alternative to conventional construction. K-Con specializes in metal building design and construction for both government and commercial clients. We have completed hundreds of projects throughout the U.S. and its territories and are a DBIA (Design Build Institute of America) certified contractor.

Contact us now to find out how our unique commercial construction systems can help you meet your goals and deadlines. Be sure ask about the quick turnaround we offer for preliminary pricing and drawings.