Pre-Engineered Metal Canopies: Top Uses and Benefits

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Commercial Projects, Pre-Engineered Construction

A canopy is one of the first things people see as they approach a building. Not only do these make an impression, but pre-engineered metal canopies also serve several purposes and deliver benefits. Here are some of the uses for these types of canopies, as well as how they can enhance your structure and benefit your organization.

Pre-Engineered Metal Canopy Uses

When it comes to construction, most elements of your building have a purpose. Adding a metal canopy to your structure is no different. Some of the top uses for overhead supported canopies for schools, government, and commercial buildings include:

Bus and Parent Drop-Off Areas

Covered metal walkways and canopies allow for faster pickup and drop off at school settings, even in the worst weather. These covered areas make it easier for parents, students, and staff to coordinate this hectic process in the rain, snow, and extreme heat.

Loading Areas: Metal canopies over loading areas keep your goods protected while loading and offloading into a store or warehouse.

Storefront & Building Entries: An entrance canopy in front of a store, office building, hotel, or apartment complex protects people from coming and going during inclement weather and improves the appearance of the building.

Staircase Covers: A cover over a staircase at a government or commercial building protects the area from weather and also improves its look and safety.

Balcony Covers: Pre-engineered metal covers over balconies on apartments and condos approve their livability scores.

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Canopies

Metal canopies improve the appearance of your building and also protect visitors from inclement weather. They create a more inviting atmosphere around your premises, as well as convey a sense of ambiance for commercial spaces.

These are obvious benefits of using these structures, but there are several other reasons to add a pre-engineered metal canopy to your next project.

Environmentally-Friendly: Building a structure with Nucor steel means that you are using 70% recycled steel that is also 100% recyclable.

Custom-Engineered: While you have the option to choose from a list of shovel-ready drawings to speed up your project, you are working with a design-build team. This means that you can customize any project to suit your particular requirements.

Low Cost: On average, these systems cost as much as 30% less than conventional construction. You also save money through lower maintenance costs and increased longevity of your structure.

Fast and Efficient: When you choose a pre-engineered metal building, you are getting a project that is more efficient than a traditional construction project, with a quicker delivery time. There are even more benefits to working with a certified design-build contractor.

Turnkey Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

K-Con, Inc. offers government and commercial clients turnkey solutions for pre-engineered metal buildings. We are an experienced and qualified design-build contractor that offers a wide selection of shovel-ready starter drawings. Some of the starter drawings we have include a truck inspection canopy, maintenance shelter, storage shed, and mess shelter.

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