Construction Industry Continues Strong Growth in 2018

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Industry News

A robust construction industry means you will receive a high level of service on your projects because firms are fully staffed and have access to ready sources of supplies. Fortunately, the U.S. construction industry continues upward, according to several recent reports.


Where is U.S. Construction Today?

According to Dodge Data & Analytics, U.S. Construction starts were up 15% in May, following a 12% decline the prior month. A catalyst for much of those gains was new starts in nonresidential building and public works construction, with nonresidential building up 39% from April’s numbers.

Some major nonresidential building projects that helped boost these figures were the groundbreaking of a $1 billion Facebook data center in Nebraska, the start of Washington State’s $764 million convention center, and a $740 million Salt Lake City International Airport terminal project.

Even though the construction sector faces some challenges, such as higher interest rates and high materials prices, this has yet to produce any lasting impact on the momentum the industry has created so far this year. The new Dodd-Frank Reform legislation that rolls back some banking restrictions will make it easier for some regional banks to lend to eager borrowers.

Construction employment is also on the upswing in 2018. In June, the industry added 13,000 new jobs. The annual increase in construction jobs in the U.S. is 4.1% as of June or more than 282,000 new positions.


The Future of U.S. Construction in 2018 Looks Bright

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation just released an industry outlook report that is bullish on the construction sector for 2018. Called the “Vertical Market Outlook Series – Construction,” the report predicts that this sector will continue to grow. Specifically, it highlighted record spending in the construction industry in 2017 and stated that the industry should grow by as much as another 5% this year.

The report notes that consumer and small business confidence went up in 2018. Reviewing Wells Fargo’s Equipment Finance division’s 2018 Construction Industry Forecast, there is also positive sentiment regarding equipment rentals and sales and net profits within the industry. According to this report, 73% of contractors planned to expand their operations within the next two years.

While 5% overall growth in construction is expected this year in the U.S., the results will vary depending on geography. For example, construction in the Houston and Dallas areas is expected to jump 14% and 10%, respectively. On the other hand, New York City is expected to see a contraction of 2% in construction spending.


The construction sector continues to evolve with each passing year. Some of the overriding industry trends that this latest report noted include:


This refers to structural and site features allowing devastated property owners to weather future fires, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

Labor Shortages.

Despite the growth, the industry must work on a labor shortage.


The building industry is making greater use of technology for designing, managing, constructing, and integrating smart buildings.


The construction industry continues to be wary of changing policies impacting its ability to serve clients, such as tariffs, tax reform, and other legislation.


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