Design-Build Metal Construction Saves Time and Money for the government

by | Jun 27, 2013 | Building Systems, Contracting, Design Build, General

If metal building construction had its version of the perfect pair, it would be K-Con’s design-build team approach to construction and the military and government’s building needs. With the government’s limited budget(s) and sometimes limited spending time-frames, design-build allows for design according to budget and need. This means efficiency, flexibility, and a lot less money and time spent on architectural and engineering. K-Con does all of the up-front work of drawing, scope of work, and costs ahead of time and for free.

Design-Build Metal Construction could radically change the way the government acquires both the building and the construction elements for a final usable space for storage, maintenance, training, and communication; whatever their building needs are.

The result is cost effective construction with the needs, desires, and budget constraints of the user continually incorporated. At the same time, all of the associated costs are precisely pinpointed, and the related schedule is closely tested. With this program there should be no cost surprises after the design is completed. When the design and accepted drawing package has been finalized, it has the implicit agreement from all team members that it is the optimal and most effective design solution.

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