Federal Sector Design-Build Done Right with K-CON

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Building Systems, Contracting, Design Build

As a member of the DBIA (Design Build Institute of America) for several years, and with more than 28 years working in the Federal Government Procurement Sector, K-Con, Inc. knows FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation procurement policies and procedures.

According to the DBIA, they suggest following these three (3) best practices for federal agencies as they make their project delivery and procurement decisions:

1. An agency should conduct a proactive and objective assessment of the unique characteristics of its program/project and its organization before deciding to use design-build. FAR Parts 7.104, 7.105, 36.301

2. An agency should implement a procurement plan that enhances collaboration and other benefits of design-build and is in harmony with the reasons that the agency chose the design build delivery system.

3. An agency using a competitive design-build procurement that seeks price and technical proposals should: (a) establish clear evaluation and selection processes; (b) ensure that the process is fair, open and transparent; and (c) value both technical concepts and price in the selection process.

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