How to Get the Best Value that GSA Promises with a Reliable Contractor

by | Dec 5, 2018 | GSA Approved

If you want to get the best value when working with a GSA contractor, it makes sense to be particular about your choice. While there are many contractors that provide these services, they are not all the necessarily same.

When the last financial crisis hit this country, there was an associated downturn in residential and commercial construction. Between 2007 and 2011, the number of contractors on Schedule with SIN numbers soared from 12 to 77.

The new entries to the field have sometimes been overwhelmed and surprised by the strict requirements of Government procurement, which doesn’t bode well for the client. While some inexperienced contractors have dropped out of the schedule due to poor results, others continue to get contracts and may not be able to meet the financial, quality, and time requirements of their clients.

If you are looking for a reliable GSA contractor, there are several safeguard items that you should put on your procurement list so that your agency gets the best value.

Market Research

One of the things that GSA emphasizes is Market Research, and the top GSA contractors agree. This can take the form of GSA E-library, internet research, and networking.

The GSA E-library provides information about a vendor’s history with GSA as well as their contract volume.

Go beyond the vendor’s own website to search for data on actual projects they have worked on and completed.

Network with other agency contracting officers to get leads on the top-performing GSA contractors.

Past Performance

When your agency solicits a new GSA contract, specify in your requirements that potential vendors must provide information about relevant past performance. It isn’t too much to ask a vendor to provide data on five previous government projects that are of similar scope and size. Get contact information as well for reference use.


Some companies that call themselves GSA contractors are not properly staffed. This means that they don’t have Project Managers or even Superintendents on site. One of the last things you want or need is to have to “manage” and supervise your own project. If the vendor isn’t doing this, the project is more likely to be inefficient and unsafe.

Ask for details about staffing when you speak to GSA contractors. These companies should have their own staff on site instead of subcontracting to someone local. There should also be safety plans in place and proper training of all staff.

Site Visit

A GSA contractor should never bid on your job without first personally visiting the construction site. Every site has its own nuances in terms of drainage, grade, utilities, vegetation, and soil conditions. These are all factors that can impact the cost of your project.

A conscientious contractor will visit the site and have all visible factors included in the budget. Otherwise, you might pick someone based on a lowball budget and end up saddled with a long series of change orders that are not going to give you the best value or experience.

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