How Pre-Engineered Construction Can Save You Time, Money and Headaches

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Building Systems, Design Build

A pre-engineered building is usually a structure that is pre-designed and built offsite and then transported to and assembled at your location. According to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, roughly 60 percent of non-residential low-rise structures in the United States are considered pre-engineered construction.

When people think of pre-construction, they often picture a structure that looks similar to every other building of its kind, with no customized options. This isn’t the case at all. Not only are these buildings individualized and aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide several vital benefits to your organization. Here are some of the ways that pre-engineered construction can save your company time, money, and headaches.

Reduced Construction Time

By using a systems approach to design and construction, the time of your project from start to finish will be significantly shorter than if you had used traditional construction. Pre-engineered construction uses customized software to design and draft your project, ensuring that the raw materials are available when needed.

The production line itself is highly sophisticated, with multiple levels of fabrication to complete the components. Buildings can often be delivered within weeks of final drawing approval, and site assembly is done by an experienced team. Completion times on these projects is often half that of other construction alternatives.

Versatility in Design

Pre-engineered buildings are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. These fast and affordable projects are the perfect choice for warehouses, offices, maintenance buildings and workshops, education facilities, security buildings and towers, and in-plant facilities.

Not only can the buildings be ordered in different shapes and sizes, but they are also highly customizable. You can customize both the interior and exterior of these structures to ensure that it meets the needs of your organization.

Some of the ways that you can customize your pre-engineered building on the exterior include choosing various roofing and siding styles as well as different vehicle and personnel doors. Inside, buildings can be customized with different flooring, lights, and options for insulation.

Cost Savings

The good news is that you can get the building you want with a faster delivery time at a lower cost. Civil engineering experts report that using pre-engineered building systems could save as much as 30 percent on the square footage cost of building a new structure.

You will get these cost savings from the automation that is associated with this type of construction as well as the pre-determined amounts of raw materials needed for a metal building. Since a pre-fab project is completed in about half the time as a traditional one, there are also labor cost savings.

Durability of Construction

Because they are made steel, these buildings are safe and highly durable. They are resistant to corrosion, rust, ice, rain, fire, and other hazards that Mother Nature and man can create. Because of this, your insurance premiums will be lower, and you will be able to satisfy regulations for storing potentially risky materials.

The durability of these buildings also means that they are simple to maintain. The steel and paint used are of the highest-quality, and the structures provide natural energy efficiency. Americans currently spend more than $5 billion each year on termite control and damage repair. You can avoid dealing with termites, rodents, and even mold when you choose pre-engineered metal construction.

K-Con’s Pre-Engineered Construction Services

K-Con is a premier Design-Build General Contractor that offers turn-key metal pre-engineered construction solutions to government entities and commercial clients. Our pre-engineered buildings provide a low-cost yet versatile alternative to traditional construction and allow clients to have a completed project in a fraction of the time.

K-Con has built a variety of warehouses and shelters for the U.S. Army as well as the Army National Guard. It has also created in-plant office projects for the U.S. Coast Guard and Lockheed Martin. If you have a government or commercial pre-engineered project in mind, find out about our rapid turnaround for preliminary drawings and pricing.