Metal Buildings and Fall Protection

by | Feb 21, 2011 | Building Systems, Education/How to

K-Con is a safety first company and that means going that extra mile to ensure that all employees and subcontractors working on the jobsite are protected. When buildings have a high eave height, it is important to protect the roof installers. This is done by installing fall prevention material on top of the purlins. Fall Protection costs extra in both labor and material and is often not listed in specification documents, though it is recommended for buildings 20’ or higher. For high eave buildings, K-Con often uses a product Purlin Glide FP ™ as leading edge fall protection and this product acts as a passive safety device for those working on the roof. This product is used in conjunction with insulation support systems. There are more aggressive fall protection products available that look similar to bird netting and these products are also installed over the purlins.