What Are the Myths and Facts About Design Build Construction?

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Design Build

While design build was once a novel method that was considered an alternative form of construction, it has now become more the norm. According to figures from respected industry analysts FMI, design build construction now delivers nearly half of all projects nationwide – across every sector.

But those who have never used design build may still have some misconceptions about this process. Here are a few common myths surrounding design build and the facts to help set the record straight.

MYTH: Competition is weakened when choosing a design build project team.

Not true at all. In fact, competition is strengthened with design build processes. If you used a traditional design-bid-build method, the primary deciding factor is price. However, design-build adds other competitive factors into the decision process such as technical approach, experience, and then price.

MYTH: Owners have no control in design-build projects.

The complete opposite is true. Unlike the design-bid-build process where owners often hand over control to different entities, design-build encourages and sometimes requires owners to be as involved as possible from start to finish. To make this task simple and seamless, the project team will designate a single point of responsibility so that the owner can communicate, make adjustments, and convey any concerns as the project progresses.

MYTH: Small firms are excluded from handling design-build projects.

The truth is that design build methods are used on projects of all sizes and for every type and size of client. Roughly 80 percent of U.S. states allow local governments the authority to use design build methods and contractors on their small, local projects. Even when a larger design-build project is needed, sometimes smaller firms will collaborate to create a design-build project team.

MYTH: Factors other than price lead to favoritism when awarding design build contracts.

Even though design-build teams compete on factors other than price, this doesn’t lead to patronage or favoritism. Instead, it ensures that owners receive superior project results at the best value, no matter which project team gets the award. The inclusion of more deciding factors not only drives quality up but also results in lower overall costs.

MYTH: On large projects, out-of-state companies steal business from local companies.

This is a common fear, but this happens more with design-bid-build projects than with design-build projects. When an owner chooses a traditional construction approach, they’ll generally receive a ton of incredibly low bids from both in-state and out-of-state. Whoever wins will force local contractors to do the work at subpar rates to keep costs low. Design-build contractors, however, approach this differently. While cost is a factor, most already have resources and strong relationships with local partners to complete a high-quality project at an affordable price.

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