Design-Build & Pre-engineered buildings provide a quick-response solution confronting the Covid-19 pandemic

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Design Build

K-Con Covid-19 Medical Building Interior

K-Con Covid-19 Medical Building Interior

Covid-19 Medical Building Solution for containment and treatment.

In an effort to support the USACE and other entities in the response to COVID 19 K-Con developed a solution for temporary healthcare/alternate care facilities using their pre-engineered and panelized systems.

A large advantage to these systems is the ability to create positive or negative air pressure to help contain or control airborne pathogens.

In addition to the panelized modular wall system which can be installed in large open areas such as warehouses, drill halls, and other large venues, K-Con can provide pre-engineered metal buildings to house the modular wall systems as well. Combining these building systems allows for emergency response facilities virtually anywhere to include overseas and foreign countries.


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