Design-Build Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for Schools and Educational Facilities

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Building Systems, Design Build

Fast growing school populations, tighter building budgets, and the need for fast construction are just a few of the challenges facing the educational sector today. Many school districts are merging with an influx of students moving into already dated school buildings. However, the requirements of an educational facility, from day-care/nursery to university, have changed. Schools must be safer, provide more flexibility, and cost less to build yet be built quickly. The benefits of design-build pre-engineered metal buildings makes it an easy choice for schools and education related facilities.

School Buildings with Pre-Engineered Metal Solutions

Metal buildings for schools are more affordable, require less construction time, are built from American steel, and have much more flexible configurations and layouts. See why:

  • Quality – Design-Build pre-engineered metal buildings have great structural integrity and long-lasting durability.


  • Faster – Using design-build pre-engineered construction methods for schools allows for faster project completion. In some cases, one of these projects can be completed in half the time of a conventional structure. This fast turnaround time allows schools to quickly address capacity needs.


  • Cost Effective – Studies show that using design-build pre-engineered construction for permanent structures is a cost-effective solution. It controls the cost of construction by the rate of change orders. There is also reduced materials waste and fewer labor requirements with this type of construction, all elements that save money.


  • Flexibility – Design-Build Pre-engineered buildings allow adaptable and flexible designs, much more so than other construction materials. Architects and building engineers have the freedom to design a metal building in almost any way imaginable. Spatial planning for any use is simplified. Prefab school buildings are also great for setting up temporary classrooms during major school building construction and renovation.


  • Adaptability – Metal Buildings can also be designed for maximum adaptability. Metal buildings are easily changed as the need arises. Clear span construction allows for more open internal space than traditional materials.


  • Esthetics – When a pre-engineered structure is going to be a permanent part of the campus, it can be outfitted with stucco, decorative brick or stone veneer on the exterior to match other buildings. Styling options are limitless.


  • Customization – These buildings can also be customized on the interior to create classrooms, cafeteria spaces, gymnasium, labs, special spaces for extracurricular activities, and ADA-compliant buildings.


K-Con, Inc. can design a new pre-engineered metal school building or one that seamlessly adjoins to an existing building.

K-Con, Inc. for Your Pre-Engineered Building School Construction Project

K-Con, Inc. is a professional design-build contractor that specializes in commercial pre-engineered construction projects. When you partner with us, you will be involved in your project from conception through installation.

Our team of professionals has successfully completed hundreds of pre-engineered projects throughout the U.S. If your school is ready to expand, contact us today to find out more about how our proven methods can save you time and help you meet your budgeting targets.