Range Towers are all the buzz

by | Mar 3, 2011 | Building Systems, Design Build, Projects

Towers are one of the hottest commodities for Army and National Guard Training facilities right now. When we’re talking towers, we’re talking about range, over-watch, rappel, observation or guard towers built to specification. Need to monitor artillery target practice? We’ve got you covered. Need a guard building that is elevated for a better view; we can do that, too. Experience is key. Our range towers are on many bases nationwide where military range operations are an important part of preparing soldiers for deployment. Training our soldiers at home is paramount to protecting them abroad, and K-Con is proud to feel we are a part of that mission.

As for the towers, themselves, there are a lot of advantages to pre-engineered towers. They are economical because they are pre-fabricated and can be erected in just a few days. They are designed to comply with local codes including seismic and wind. The design build solutions are limitless. K-Con manufactures both the mezzanine/stair system and the pre-fabricated building which results in seamless integration of the two systems. Our experienced crews also install them or they can be installed by your personnel. They can include storage underneath, insulation, HVAC, voice and data outlets, catwalks around the building  you name it


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