Should You Modernize or Start Over to Make Building Smarter?

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Building Systems, Design Build, Energy

Have you considered what it would take to modernize your building’s systems? Would it make sense to upgrade what you currently have or start from scratch with a new project to create a smart building?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that just 12% of commercial buildings in this country were built since 2003. Our nation’s buildings consume roughly 39% of all the energy in the U.S., primarily running HVAC systems. According to one report, you can save as much as 18% on energy bills by choosing smart technology.

Wanting a smart building is understandable, but the challenge is how to best achieve this goal. Your choices are to work with your existing structure or start over with new design and construction.

Modernize an Existing Building to Make it Smarter

You may not want to demolish your existing building to make a new start with smart technology. For many businesses, starting from scratch is cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, you can make some headway by retrofitting your current structure.

One thing you can do is install Wi-Fi-connected sensors throughout your building that will control various systems. These include lighting and climate control, which can begin to save you some money.

Modernizing older buildings come with its own set of challenges. Older structures were not made to be flexible, and smart building technology may not work as well in these buildings as it does in those that is designed for its use.

What About the Option to Start Over with Smart Construction?

The ideal scenario is to be able to design your perfect structure, which includes the smart technology to meet your needs and desires. When you have a truly modern building, you should find that your work environment is not only more comfortable but also more productive and less costly to operate and maintain.

Smart buildings are much more than just having temperature control and electric shades, although these are excellent features. A truly modern building can detect changes in noise levels and adjust lighting to reflect the “mood” or emotional state of the environment.

5G is also going to be a game-changer for smart buildings in the near future. All of the major telecom giants have plans for 5G rollouts shortly in major cities, which will allow for even further technology integration within buildings.

The Flexibility of Smart Technology in Construction

Designing and building a smart building may seem like a monumental task, but technology plays a role here as well. Design and construction companies are leveraging technology to make it easier to design and manage these projects.

A design-build company that understands smart building concepts will keep a database of their successful projects so that they can apply winning ideas for the benefit of future clients. Any changes that need to be made to project during the design phase or even as construction begins can be accomplished and coordinated quickly through technology.

Fast and Affordable Building Solutions from K-Con

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