The Project Administrators

by | Oct 13, 2011 | Our Employees

K-Con, Inc. manages multiple projects across the U.S. concurrently – as of this date, that number is 39 active jobs. The unsung heroes of the complex yet efficient machine that runs these projects are the PAs. In the usual corporate world, “PA” stands for “personal assistant” but here in the construction industry, a PA is the “Project Administrator”.

A Project Administrator wears many hats and fulfills many essential tasks in the course of a project. In a quick poll of the three K-Con PAs, they each told us what they consider to be the single most essential part of their job to be:

– Keeping track and organizing all the project paperwork, in order to keep the project on track.
– Ensure smooth payroll submissions by checking all paperwork between the subcontractors and the customer, requiring an expert knowledge of government requirements.
– Coordinating and following up with subcontractors to ease the flow of clear communications.

The Project Administrators here at K-Con, Inc. do a great job, and make up an invaluable part of the K-Con team, making it possible for K-Con to be your metal building company on GSA, and in government contracting.