6 Reasons the Millennial Generation Will Be Good for Construction

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Industry News

Everyone seems to love discussing Millennials, and the sentiment isn’t always positive. This generation that was born between 1981 and 1996 now account for the majority of people in the U.S. workforce.

Plenty has been studied and written about Millennials, with some concluding that this group is markedly different than other generations. In fact, some of the unfair assessments of Millennials are that they are self-centered, disloyal, and entitled. The truth is that they may have some unique qualities, but overall they aren’t much different than their older colleagues.

Now that the construction industry is experiencing its biggest boom since the last major financial crisis, companies are facing a hiring crunch. Fortunately, the Millennial generation brings several favorable elements to the table. Here are six ways that this group will be a positive influence on the construction industry.

1. Innovative Thinking.

Largely thanks to rapidly changing technology, Millennials are masters at thinking outside the box. You may find that this group is quick to tackle long-running problems in construction and come up with some of the most innovative solutions. Since a common way to approach projects is through design-build, a Millennial is the perfect fit because they will be able to quickly offer a variety of solutions that will solve a client’s issue or help them achieve their goals.

2. Loyalty and Dedication.

Many view Millennials as people who don’t want to work for a single employer for their entire career. While this might be the case overall, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t loyal. In fact, most workers in this generation would prefer to say with the same employer for at least five years. As long as they continue to receive excellent opportunities for advancement, competitive compensation, and fit into the company’s culture, they will remain loyal.

3. Tech-Savvy.

Construction was not always a tech-heavy field, but things have changed. Now, construction crews manage their jobs with mobile apps and meetings don’t always have to take place face-to-face. Anything tech-related is something that Millennials will embrace wholeheartedly. Millennials also know how to bridge the gap between tech and creating the personal relationships that drive a business or construction project.

4. Balance.

Millennials are one of the first generations to emphasize the value of work-life balance. This doesn’t mean that they are lazy but rather understand that it is vital to integrate a healthy life outside of work in order to be most effective in their career. This generation understands that, by taking time for themselves and their families, they will be able to give 110% to their employer and clients when they are on the job.

5. Collaboration and Communication.

It’s pretty tough to complete a design-build project when communication is non-existent. These projects thrive on collaboration and communication among everyone involved in the process. Fortunately, many Millennials grew up with both teachers and parents treating them as “team members,” and they understand how to work together to achieve a goal. Many in this group will even work harder to beat their deadlines, which is sure to please both their employer and the client.

6. Green Building Commitment.

Many Millennials have a particular interest in protecting the environment and creating sustainable work and living spaces. Those who go into construction will want to translate those interests into areas like green building. If you would like to focus on green building for your next commercial project, you may find yourself working closely with someone from this generation.


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