K-Con Construction celebrates 30th Anniversary – it started at the Shipyard

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Business, K-Con News, News, Our Employees

Hurricane Hugo had made landfall in Charleston on September 22nd, 1989.

Just prior to that the owners of K-Con (brothers Pat and Mike Kiernan) had a contract awarded with the Charleston Naval Shipyard to supply and install 5 modular buildings. The Kiernan brothers made their way to the Shipyard and started asking folks what they could do to Make Things Easier for them. 24 hours later, their parents, John and Mary, were in Charleston with a rented truck and several generators, food, fans and miscellaneous items to get critical personnel on their feet and begin the process of getting the Shipyard back in shape.

Days later, they were called in by the Department of Public Works on the base and asked what they could do to provide temporary office and working space for DPW as their building had suffered too much damage to be rebuilt.  A few long days and nights later they presented an idea of building and connecting 27 buildings just like the ones  awarded prior to the storm.  DPW loved it and they were off and running.

With the guidance of some fantastic folks the Kiernan’s decided to incorporate as K-Con, Inc.  No rocket science or big bucks spent on coming up with the name.  It just sounded right.

The 27 buildings turned into 50 and then into 50 more of various sizes and shapes.  They just did what came naturally asking folks what can we do to Make Life a Bit Easier and before you know it, K-Con had buildings sprinkled all around the Shipyard.

That was the beginning of K-Con.  “30 years later I’d like to think that the same principle of finding ways to Make Life Easier has truly had an impact on everyone we’ve come to work and do business with.” says K-Con president, Pat Kiernan.

We’re blessed to have great Customers, Subcontractors, Suppliers and most of all, Incredible Teammates.

Thanks to all of you for 30 Fantastic Years and happy Anniversary to all of the K-Con Team!