Important Lessons to be Learned from Military Construction

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Design Build, GSA Approved, Pre-Engineered Construction

At K-Con, Inc., we’ve delivered over 650 projects to clients, many of them to our country’s military. After more than two decades of successfully delivering pre-engineered projects, we’ve learned a few things about military construction.

While we are based in Charleston, SC, we have worked in all 54 U.S. states and territories. We are members of the Society of American Military Engineers as well as being LEED Accredited builders.

K-Con has established a strong track record based on on-time delivery, quality construction, and cost savings. While we certainly benefit from the lessons learned over the years, our clients do as well. When you are looking to hire someone for your next military project, it only makes sense to work with a company that has translated their years of experience into value for its clients.

Design is Critical to the Performance of a Facility

Whether you require additional barracks to house more service members, a secure warehouse for storage, an administrative building, or a fortified guard station, you need a solid plan as a start that supports the structure’s purpose.

Just under a decade ago, this country’s military construction system underwent some changes. Now, contracts for new construction must meet several requirements. The design should support the functional and performance purposes for the structure.

While the military starts with civilian building codes, it goes much further. Every element of construction, including processes and materials, must have a purpose and a justified cost. This is why it makes sense to use GSA contracts since many of these elements are pre-negotiated.

It is Vital to Plan for Change

There is also now a requirement that military buildings have a 50-year useful life. This is significant and requires careful planning. Many contracts will stipulate there be “improvements” made to the structure between 20 and 25 years to help it reach that useful life goal.

Any building that is going to last for half a century must be designed with care. Using the design-build approach to construction, we are able to approach projects so that they are more adaptable to expansion, tenant moves, and other changes over the years.

Sustainability is Now a Priority

In addition to building structures that last, it is also now essential that projects are as sustainable as possible. This provides operating efficiencies to the owners and tenants, which can also help extend that useful life.

The Department of Defense now requires that every new building adhere to the U.S. Building Council (USGBC) LEED Certification. This is the highest standard in energy efficiency and includes solutions such as alternative insulation, efficient HVAC, low FRI flat roofs, and PV solar panels.

Facilities Protect Client’s Valuable Assets

All military construction projects must also consider the need for security. Our nation’s military needs protection from various threats, and one way to provide a shield is through properly-constructed buildings.

Simply put, the design, materials used, and construction methods employed can affect a facility’s ability to protect its information, technology, employees, and materials. You have the opportunity to work with your design-build team on your project and let them know about your security concerns and priorities.

Specific Designs Support Specific Needs

Building for military installations has given us the knowledge and tools to provide clients with a structure that will meet their specific needs. Whether it is a post office, dining facility, range tower, or billeting facility, we have turnkey solutions through our GSA contract. Clients can also customize buildings to suit their requirements.

Not only are our projects in tune with the requirements of Federal agencies but they also offer a faster and cheaper solution than traditional construction. You get all of this while still ensuring that the design meets the specific needs of your project.

More About K-Con, Inc.

At K-Con, Inc., we know military construction and our contractors boast more than 260 years of collective construction experience. Our team is passionate about its work and is completely accessible and responsive to its clients.

If you are ready to speak to someone about your next project, contact us now to learn more about our design-build services.