Pre-Engineered Construction Experiences Renaissance Across Many Industries

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Building Systems, Industry News, Pre-Engineered Construction

Though the practice of offsite construction dates back thousands of years, pre-engineered construction as a choice has come into its own over the past decade for a number of reasons. Traditional construction methods aren’t known for being overly efficient or cost-effective. There are also some market factors that are driving the growth of pre-engineered construction across a variety of industries.

What is Considered Pre-Engineered Construction?

When most people hear the term “pre-engineered construction,” they picture manufactured homes and possibly run-down trailers. The industry has come a long way.

Pre-engineered constructions now simply means that the main components of the building are manufactured off-site and then assembled by skilled specialists on your prepared job site. Today, you might find high-end apartment buildings, homes, office buildings, and warehouses – all created with pre-engineered construction.

What Are the Growth Figures for Pre-Engineered Construction?

Globally, the pre-engineered construction market is expected to grow by about 6.6% by 2022. This market is driven by growth in the infrastructure and construction sectors.

Interestingly, the last recession has benefited this rising industry after many skilled laborers left the construction industry and decided not to return. Construction companies, who are notoriously reluctant to change, had to look at their efficiencies and find better methods of satisfying clients.

Why Pre-Engineered Construction Saves Time and Money

There is a Renaissance in pre-engineered construction for a wide variety of reasons – all of which benefit the client. First, there are less job site issues associated with this type of project because there are fewer problems with long-term materials storage, including access routes and security.

Because the main components are being designed and constructed off-site, the contractors can often complete the site foundation work at the same time, which can speed up project completion. In fact, the some experts estimate that these projects can be completed up to 50 percent faster than a traditional construction job.

When a pre-engineered project is completed with the design-build method, there will be less changes and fewer separate contractors involved. Compared to the traditional design-bid-build approach, this saves time and money by reducing errors and potential change orders.

There is also much less materials waste with a pre-engineered construction project, which saves costs. Pre-engineered buildings are quite precise, meaning there is little room for error. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) estimated that a typical 2,000-sf home produces 8,000 lbs of waste. When there are controlled factory processes and settings in place, there is significantly less waste.

Finally, pre-engineered construction is the most efficient and safe choice regarding labor. Since this is a precise and often automated process, labor will be more skilled, with workers being assigned to specialized tasks. This also creates a safer work environment compared to traditional construction. These improved safety ratings will result in lower costs that are passed on to the client.

Why Choose K-Con for Your Next Pre-Engineered Construction Project

Pre-engineered construction has certainly turned a corner in the past decade when it comes to commercial projects. You can now find these projects in hospitals, schools, military and government installations, factories, and other construction jobs both large and small.

Just because you decide to go with the pre-engineered pre-engineeredconstruction approach to your next project, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want a cookie-cutter solution which won’t consider your particular business requirements. K-Con, Inc. understands this and provides its clients with design-build services, meaning you have input into your project from conception through installation.

K-Con’s team has over 260 years of collective construction experience and has successfully completed over 650 projects for government contractors and commercial clients, both throughout the U.S. and abroad. Contact us today to learn more about how our qualified team can help you meet your project goals.