Choose a Pre-Engineered Metal Building for Your Government Construction Project

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Building Systems, Pre-Engineered Construction

If you’re a government agency, your various needs must be met with precision. Not only do you need a building that fulfills your space requirements, but also one that is going to be budget-friendly and sustainable. Increasingly, government agencies are choosing pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) for their different construction needs.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are Unique and Versatile

There’s a common misconception that a PEMB is a boring and cookie-cutter solution. This is far from the truth. While engineers and architects select from and combine standardized components such as framing, roof, and wall systems, you will obtain a unique structure with special design options that allow you to create a structure that is truly your own, as well as one that suits your needs.

A PEMB for a government project is a versatile choice. Since these can be customized, metal buildings can be created for different types of spaces and functions. These include security & towers, office & residential, in-plant facilities, warehouses & shelters, education & special use, and workshops & maintenance applications.

PEMBs Are Low Maintenance and Durable

When you invest in a new building, not only do you want it to last as long as possible but also have few problems and low upkeep costs. Since these buildings are made from steel and other metal components, you can trust that they are incredibly durable and resilient.

PEMBs are resistant to the elements and also lack many of the problems that often plague other types of buildings. These metal buildings won’t have as many issues related to termites, mold, rotting, or sagging framework. In other words, it’s going to cost less to maintain these structures, and they will last longer.

Government PEMBs Provide Faster Construction Time

When you choose a PEMB for your next government project, you’re going to get a faster completion time than you would with other types of construction. These efficiencies flow through every part of the process.


The design process of a PEMB is shortened thanks to the fact that these structures use standardized components. These are precisely engineered to fulfill a wide variety of architectural designs and needs, all of which are determined in advance of on-site assembly.

Estimating and Scheduling.

Both building costs and construction time are more predictable for a PEMB. Since all of the components are made at the factory and shipped to the site, there is less waste, less human error, and fewer costs associated with labor and unnecessary changes.

Erection and Delivery.

Once your PEMB has been manufactured, it will be quickly assembled on a pre-readied site. There is no need for further cutting or fabricating on-site, so these buildings take just a fraction of the time to assemble than would a traditional building. In fact, choosing this method could shave months off of your project delivery date.

Easily Expand Your PEMB With Your Needs.

Any government agency knows that things change. Your budget or mission might be expanded next year, and your space requirements will be different. Another reason why a government PEMB is the right choice is that these buildings are easier to expand than traditional brick and mortar construction. The standardized design and quick assembly process involved can fast track any future expansion needs.

K-Con, Inc. for Your Next Government Building Project.

If you’ve outgrown your current space or have a new requirement, it’s time to consider a government PEMB. At K-Con, Inc., we proudly service commercial and government clients throughout the United States and its territories.

Our design-build services ensure that your agency has the input it wants and needs from start to finish, while also getting a project that is completed faster and cheaper than traditional construction methods. We offer our Military and Government building clients the advantages of GSA Federal Supply Schedule ordering nationwide.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started with your next PEMB project.