Is a Pre-Engineered Metal Building Right for Your Government Project?

by | Feb 5, 2019 | GSA Approved, Pre-Engineered Construction

If your government agency has outgrown its space or has some new requirements, you may be looking for a contractor to satisfy your needs. Since time, cost, and quality are likely factors in your decision, you may want to consider a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB).

The Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association reports that more than half of new non-residential, low-rise buildings in the U.S. are now metal building systems. When we refer to this, we talking about a PEMB, which is one of the most durable, flexible, and versatile building solutions on the market.

Not sure if a PEMB is the right solution for your needs? Here are some of the situations in which a PEMB will make the most sense for a government project.

1. When you want to lower your capital investment.

When done right and through a reputable contractor, a PEMB is always going to be less expensive than conventional construction. Even with slightly higher prices in raw materials, you will get more cost savings overall.

Assuming you use steel for your construction materials regardless of the construction method you choose, a PEMB will be cheaper because these types of buildings are better designed to optimally address loads.

Also, when you choose an “off the shelf” approach, even with some customization attached, you will have less change orders and a reduction in overall costs.

2. When you need to speed up your schedule.

If you have some time constraints, there is no better choice than a PEMB. The alternative is to have a designer draw up plans and wait for architectural renderings and engineering to be completed. Once this is done, materials are ordered, and construction can begin, often with change orders and delays due to unanticipated errors in the original drawings.

PEMBs are proven and simple designs by default. These are projects that have been built in the past by contractors who have experience ordering materials and assembling components to precision. Even with customization to meet your particular needs, you will receive delivery much faster than with other types of construction.

3. When you need to lower your operating and maintenance costs.

PEMBs are high-quality structures, which means that they are going to be durable and have certain operating advantages. These metal buildings can withstand the elements and will suffer from few leaks and other deterioration which can grind your operations to a halt.

A PEMB can also lower operating costs because it is energy-efficient. When combined with the right level of insulation, these buildings can lower your energy costs significantly. The right window placement can also reduce electricity costs, and a strong roof can last many years without repair or replacement.

K-Con, Inc. for Your Next PEMB Project

K-Con, Inc. is a design-build contractor that specializes in PEMB construction projects for government and commercial clients. Located in Charleston, SC, we have completed hundreds of projects across the U.S. and abroad. Some of the metal buildings that we deliver for government clients include guard booths, aircraft hangars, workshops, and warehouses.

If you are ready to get started with your next PEMB government project or are in the research phase, contact our office now for more information. We’d be happy to give you an overview of our services or begin work on preliminary plans and pricing.