Re-Skin a Building | Pre-Engineered Metal Building Renovation

by | Feb 3, 2012 | Design Build

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) can last indefinitely with proper care and maintenance, which includes exterior panel replacement. Weather conditions, location, combined with age necessitate the periodic replacement of PEMB wall and roof panels. Re-Skinning of a pre-engineered metal building saves time and money on 2 fronts:

• the original building is utilized and
• the interior of the building is protected

If a building has a compromised exterior then it’s just a matter of time before it has a compromised interior (walls and ceilings) and the project’s price and scope increases above and beyond simple panel replacement. If the building interior has been damaged, K-Con can provide interior repair service as well.

Re-skinning a building can require mechanical and electrical equipment relocation or realignment. K-Con can determine equipment relocation/realignment as a part of our design and provide a complete turn-key repair.

Existing Flat Roofs – A new metal roof can be applied to existing flat roof building as a roof repair option. K-Con can provide a new metal replacement roof in less time and money by putting the metal roof system directly over the existing flat roof.

K-Con has successfully completed many building re-skins and we will design, manage, and provide a complete turn-key project from beginning investigation, through design and construction, to final completion.

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