What We’re Up To: School Athletic Building Addition contracted with TIPS

by | May 6, 2020 | K-Con News

An aged existing school building needed an addition and roof replacement. Chattanooga School District contacted K-Con about a building addition using our TIPS contract, we were ready with a solution to seamlessly adjoin to the existing building.


Using TIPS (The Interlocal Purchasing System) the Chattanooga School District was able to find a design and construction solution from an experienced contractor. View K-Con’s TIPS Contract Vendor profile page. https://www.tips-usa.com/vendorProfile.cfm?RecordID=2D5183B9EE65DDAD2DF7BFE3A30F1B7A


Check out How to Make a TIPS Purchase guidance page on the TIPS website. https://www.tips-usa.com/howtopurchase.cfm


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