6 Advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Contracting

Pre-engineered metal buildings are those which have been designed to meet a diverse range of structural needs, and are comprised of beams welded together to create a framework which can be customized to meet the needs of an eventual owner. There are a number of advantages to adopting this strategy for use in both commercial and private buildings, as the discussion below will make clear.

Time savings

Traditional construction cycles can be very long, when you take into account the time from the very beginning, which is design, all the way through to final construction. By contrast, the cycle of pre-engineered buildings are generally several weeks less than other types of structures, and in some cases, they even take several months less to build. Part of the reason that pre-engineered metal buildings can be constructed so quickly is that they are built from construction diagrams which have clearly designated numbers, and pre-cut components which will be used in the structure. It’s no exaggeration to say that a pre-engineered metal building will often take half the construction time of a traditional structure.

Cost savings

One of the biggest appeals to pre-engineered metal buildings is how inexpensively they can be constructed, often costing half the amount that other types of buildings might. Part of the reason for this is that pre-construction bypasses many of the steps and processes which normally come into play on a traditional construction site.. The time and cost savings alone make these kinds of buildings extremely appealing to commercial interests, which must accomplish tasks economically to stay competitive.

Low maintenance

Metal and steel structures take far less maintenance than do their traditional counterparts. Steel is especially resistant to rust and corrosion, and can even be painted to accommodate design needs, and to provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. Once a pre-engineered metal building has been constructed, there is very little upkeep necessary on an ongoing basis, and over the course of many years, this can result in even more cost savings for the owner.

Strength and durability

The strength and durability of pre-engineered metal buildings stack up very well against whatever Mother Nature can throw against them. This can include powerful windstorms, downpours, snowstorms, and even hailstorms. As compared to other types of buildings, metal buildings stand up very well, and there are other elements which metal buildings also resist very well. These include the depredations of pests and varmints, advancing growth of nearby flora, and even the ravages of time itself. Once you’ve installed a metal building, you can count on it lasting for a very long time, and maintaining its strength and durability throughout.

Energy efficiency

Deliberately constructed to be energy-efficient, metal buildings are often insulated with rigid board and sometimes fiberglass, to create a tight seal against exterior elements. This means that in warm weather they will retain a cool interior, and in colder weather, the inside will retain its natural warmth. This helps owners with air-conditioning and heating costs, and by choosing the optimal low-profile roof and the best roof color for reflection and absorption of sunshine, even more savings can be achieved. On top of all that, metal buildings are environment-friendly, being typically constructed of 99% recyclable materials.

Flexible design options

One of the things that makes pre-engineered metal buildings so useful is their tremendous flexibility in customizing an end result. Already, metal buildings are in use for hundreds of different applications, including everything from warehouses to garages, and from barns to places of worship. Because the components of metal buildings can be put together in almost any kind of design, there’s literally no end to the size and shape that can ultimately be achieved. It’s also very easy to add on extra rooms or storage area, in the event that your business continues to grow. The flexibility doesn’t end there though you can customize the interior in the same way that the exterior has been configured on demand.

Where to buy pre-engineered metal buildings

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