The Advantages of Constructing a Government Pre-Engineered Metal Building

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Commercial Projects, GSA Approved, Pre-Engineered Construction

Pre-engineered metal buildings currently account for over 70% of all single-story non-residential construction in the U.S. Private enterprises love them, but so do government agencies, and there is good reason for the popularity of this type of construction over traditional methods.

These are unique structures that have some advantages over other types of buildings. When you choose a government pre-engineered metal building (PEMB), your agency receives a high-quality product that is flexible. These buildings are also faster to construct, more cost-effective, and safer in several ways.

What are Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pre-engineered buildings are enclosures that always include a structural framework and may or may not include walls and a roof. The frame is fabricated from plate steel, and most buildings will consist of roof beams and columns that are bolted together on site.

Running perpendicular and on top of the frames is generally a roof secondary structure of spanned members that are called purlins. The building’s roofing system attaches to the purlins. A series of grits span across the frame that consists of secondary members that support the wall cladding system.

High-Quality and Flexible Buildings

While the terminology used to describe a government PEMB might sound complex, one of the most important things to understand about these structures is that they are high-quality and long-lasting. Of course, steel is one of the most durable and strongest construction materials available, so this makes sense.

Metal buildings are also highly flexible, meaning there are many ways to use one of these spaces. Because of how they are built, large openings can be integrated into the spaces to accommodate most needs, and these solutions are also scalable. Even though there are turnkey solutions available, any design can be customized.

Faster Construction Time

If your space requirements have caught up with you faster than you anticipated or you have a new project and need accommodations, you’re in luck. Choosing a pre-engineered metal building for your government project is one of the fastest ways to get a project completed.

With this type of construction, the building is done from construction diagrams that list pre-cut components and clearly designated numbers for use in the structure. Components arrive pre-fabricated at the site, so there is no cutting or welding required. It’s safe to say that construction time is often half that of conventional methods.

A More Cost-Effective Option

Not only will you get delivery of your project faster with a government PEMB, but also at a lower cost than traditional construction. With pre-engineered metal buildings, costs are more predictable, and there is less waste. There is also less unskilled labor involved on these jobs. These are all factors that will be more friendly to your budget.

Increased Safety

Jobsite accidents are a significant concern when it comes to undertaking a major project. Even if your workers aren’t involved in an accident, poor safety records drive up construction costs, and the human element can be tragic.

Since all components of a pre-fabricated metal building are made offsite, the risks of accidents are much less. Another factor to consider is that metal buildings can also withstand major disasters and keep their occupants safe when shelter is required.

K-Con, Inc. for Your Next Government PEMB Project

K-Con, Inc. is a design-build contractor that specializes in pre-engineered metal buildings. We offer turnkey and customized solutions to government clients through our GSA contract. In business for over 30 years, our company has successfully executed over 650 contracts in every U.S. state and abroad.

If your agency is ready to expand or needs to make some updates, we offer a variety of buildings solutions that will satisfy your needs. Contact us now to learn more about how our services can help your agency and be sure to ask about our quick turnaround for preliminary pricing and drawings.