The Benefits of Using a GSA Approved Government Contractor

by | Oct 22, 2018 | GSA Approved

GSA, short for the Government Services Administration, is a government agency responsible for managing government real estate and buildings, developing regulations and policies, and providing service and procurement support.

The agency satisfies much of the space requirements of federal agencies but hires private contractors to do the work. How does it regulate this? It ensures excellence in architecture, engineering, and construction by creating specific standards and using an approved contractor program.

While no law requires a contractor to hold a GSA contract to conduct business with a government entity, some agencies only use this option. Also, there are several benefits to using a GSA-approved government contractor.


GSA contracts help streamline the project design and completion process so that you will spend less time with a GSA-approved contractor from start to finish. Imagine getting competing bids, shopping for pricing, and jumping through other hoops to satisfy government requirements for a new project. With a GSA-approved contract, these steps are optional, which shortens the process. Some of the time-saving benefits of this choice include:

  • Ordering offices do not need to seek further competition;
  • There is no requirement to synopsize at the contract level;
  • A separate order of responsibility is not required; and
  • A variety of turnkey building systems are available through an existing GSA contract.


Time is money, so the streamlined process afforded by using a GSA-approved government contractor already saves your agency precious cash. Fortunately, there are several other ways that a GSA contract will prove to be a more affordable solution to your project needs.

  • GSA has already determined that prices in the contracts are fair and reasonable;
  • Pre-negotiated prices allow for more streamlined acquisition processes;
  • Required socioeconomic determinations are made at the contract level;
  • GSA contractors are not required to conduct cost and price analysis since this is done at the contract level; and
  • Small business set-asides are allowable, which helps more small businesses use these types of contracts.


While saving some cash on any construction project makes sense, this would be a waste if you are getting an inferior product and will later have to make repairs or, worse, pay for a replacement. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue with a GSA-approved government contractor.

The GSA has an internationally renowned “Design and Construction Excellence” program. The program works with architects, engineers, and construction professionals to establish and enforce standards relevant to GSA projects. This is not necessarily something that you will receive with an independent construction project team.

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