22 Shovel-Ready Government Construction Projects Available Through GSA

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Design Build, GSA Approved, Pre-Engineered Construction

When your organization needs a new facility, it might not make sense to start from scratch. Why put in the time, effort, and expense to design and build a structure that you know is already in use in another location?  Through our GSA contract, K-Con has created 22 shovel-ready starter drawings for frequently used and ordered building systems.

Why Use a GSA-Approved Contractor?

When you use a GSA-approved contractor, you receive the benefit of a project that is faster, cheaper, and better than traditional methods. Because the contract has already been pre-approved, there will be less time from contract to completion with these projects. Many steps are eliminated, such as the need to seek further competition and requirements to synopsize at the contract level.  When your organization has a need, it can be fulfilled quickly.

The streamlining of GSA-approved contracts also delivers cost savings in several ways. You are already assured to receive fair and reasonable prices with these contracts, which are pre-negotiated. Cost and price analysis is done at the contract level, so not required on each individual job. These are also proven plans that ensure client receive a quality product. The GSA has implemented an internationally renowned “Design and Construction Excellence” program that creates and enforces professional standards for architects, engineers, and construction trades.

K-Con, Inc. is a design build contractor that holds a GSA Schedule 56 contract valid from 08/01/2006-04/30/2021. Based in South Carolina, we have worked for over 150 government and military customers in every U.S. state and territory, allowing us to complete more than 650 contracts. Our unique GSA contract not only covers the purchasing activity of building systems and components but also all related site work and engineering services that are necessary to deliver a turnkey solution to your organization.

K-Con’s Shovel-Ready Model Designs

Through our GSA contract, K-Con has created 22 shovel-ready starter drawings for frequently used and ordered building systems. These are pre-engineered metal buildings, where clients can enjoy significantly reduced acquisition time while also receiving high-quality design and engineering services in a ready-to-use facility. Clients can choose any of these projects, send K-Con their drawing markups, and receive fast turnaround on budget costs and scope of work.


Contact K-Con, Inc. now to get started with any of these shovel ready projects or to discuss a custom project that will fully meet your organization’s needs.