Forest Service Warehouse and Ready Room Project Complete

by | Mar 17, 2011 | Design Build, Our Customers, Projects

Over the years, K-Con has completed several projects for government agencies in very remote locations. Although they present challenges, remote locations don’t scare us! Our most recently finished pre-engineered metal building for the USDA Forest Service fits the criteria. The Warehouse and ready room is located in southwest Oregon, about 75 miles from the Pacific coast in the Umpqua National Forest, which is 1608 square miles or 984,602 acres.

This 4600 SF Pre-Engineered building serves as a Ready Room-Meeting Place with Showers and Lockers and, most importantly, a warehouse to support fire fighting and any other emergencies in the area. The Warehouse has a mezzanine for storing items like chainsaws, hand tools, emergency provisions, and many specialty fire-fighting equipment. The lower warehouse area has (3) electrically operated overhead doors that allow a truck to return, be loaded, and depart quickly.

Mal Hinson was the Superintendent and started construction just as winter was setting in. Hats off to Mal for keeping things rolling when many contractors close up shop. Another challenge was the remoteness of the labor pool to draw from. Most subs had 2-4 hour rides each way; when they showed up, they wanted to work but tried to get a single item addressed on a callback. Ultimately, everyone responded very well, and all involved were satisfied.

The new Warehouse was a welcome addition to a small cluster of older and outdated buildings. K Con was complimented on the project at completion; we will be able to help update their facility in the future.