How to Maintain Operations During Construction or Renovations

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Commercial Projects, Design Build

Maintaining day-to-day operations of a facility while it undergoes redesign, commercial renovations, and construction can be challenging, but with the proper planning and careful execution, the improved or expanded spaces can be brought online with minimal disruption to your operations.

K-Con has accomplished this numerous times for clients and have determined that the success of these jobs requires a commitment to organization and communication.

Why Your Industrial or Commercial Site May Need to Keep Operations During Construction

Unless you’re moving to a new location, it would be difficult to keep everything the status quo until your new construction project is completed. For most businesses and government agencies, work must continue while a renovation or expansion project takes place. While there might be some interruptions or inconveniences, the continuity of operations is a benefit to everyone – the business or agency, its suppliers, the employees, and its customers or end-users.

Comprehensive Pre-construction Meetings

Making sure that all members of the client’s organization, the general contractor, subcontractors, and design team all share the same timeline, guidelines, and understanding of the client’s needs. An efficient phased construction project plan can minimize the disruption to the facility’s function during different phases of construction.

How Operations Can Coexist During Construction

It might seem like a logistical nightmare to have operations continue while a major construction project is underway, but it happens all the time. While no plan will be perfect, your organization can certainly avoid shutting down while it undergoes renovation or construction expansion.

The ideal solution is to have both take place during normal business hours since it will be easier for your contractor to get labor and suppliers during this time. Unfortunately, this is also more difficult on the business owner or agency because they will be forced to seal off certain areas and move people around as the work progresses. On a positive note, it does provide more oversight of the work being done during the day.

If this is just too much to ask or bear for a business and its employees, after-hours and weekend work is also a possibility. The benefit to the owners is that normal business operations can continue during the day with as little interruption as possible. Construction can be accomplished more easily since workers won’t need to dodge certain areas or employees that are on-site. However, it might be slightly more expensive due to the cost of supplying a workforce for these jobs.

Design-Build Construction is Ideal for Renovation and Construction Projects

If your company or government agency needs to do a facility renovation or expansion project, there are several routes to take. When you choose the design-build method, you’ll get more ongoing input into the project and the construction process. These projects also typically complete an average of 33% faster than traditional methods, which can get your organization back to full capacity in no time flat.

Speak With Your Design-Build Contractor About Your Requirements

Not every organization can afford to shut down its operations while a facility renovation or expansion project is planned and completed. While it’s never an ideal situation to have operations taking place alongside a major construction project, it is and can be done. Choosing a construction company to manage facility renovation or expansion while continuing operations can be a challenge. While some companies might promise the world, make sure that they will be able to deliver.

At K-Con, Inc., we have experience handling these types of jobs in the past and can put together a reliable workforce that will match your scheduling needs. We bring a qualified design-build team into the equation, which adds value to your project makes it even easier to expand in the future when you have the need.

Contact us now to discuss your upcoming project and let our team tell you more about our services.