Know Your Builder’s Company Culture with Proper Due Diligence

by | Oct 12, 2019 | Contracting, General

Proper due diligence in the selection of a builder, build site, delivery method and materials are key to everything in construction.  Nothing will set you on a better course as you begin the construction process to make sure you get the best build for your budget.

A company’s culture will impact every single aspect of construction, so it is important to understand your builder’s values, vision, systems, standards and thinking about how to run a business.  Here are some tips for making sure you are choosing the right builder for your next construction project.

How well your builder listens affects your construction budget.

You need to find out how well your contractor listens to you, since this may save you millions of dollars during construction.  Contractors who successfully understand your project details, process and deliver the best value for your investment into a new building project.   Questions to ask prospective contractors include:

  • What process is used to gather information before filling out a bid form?
  • What information is necessary to put together an accurate bid?
  • How well does the builder communicate with their clients to keep them up-to-date during the construction process?
  • What mechanism is in place to keep the project moving on track during the construction phase?

Be aware of the builder’s budget and scheduling approach and previous record.

Often a contractor will come in over budget and be late on delivery since they offer unrealistic bids to win a contract.  Make sure you are aware of your builder’s track record on keeping within budget and to an agreed-upon building schedule to avoid significantly underestimating time and costs. Here are some important questions to ask builders:

  • What is your previous record on delivering projects on budget and on schedule?
  • Do you have references from previous clients who can attest to your track record?
  • How do you adjust and anticipate problems to make sure you keep on schedule?
  • How do you handle delays due to adverse weather to make sure you deliver your builds?

Know your builder’s company philosophy.

A good builder will establish a company culture that aims to deliver sustainable, energy-efficient builds on budget, on time, and to the specifications and designs of its clients.  Every builder has a different style, technique, preferences and attitude.  You will need to engage in proper due diligence to make sure your philosophy and approach are a good match.

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