How to Set Your Pre-Engineered Metal Building Project Up for Success

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Building Systems, Contracting, Design Build

Choosing a pre-engineered metal building over traditional construction has become much more common for a lot of reasons. These are durable structures that are affordable and that you can customize to suit your needs.

The projects can also be completed much quicker than a bricks or sticks building, provided you are organized. One part of ensuring a successful PEMB project is choosing the right contractor, but there are also some things you can do on your end to avoid stress and aggravation.

Here are several steps you can take to help make your PEMB project a success.

Secure Your Financing

By and large, there isn’t specific financing available in the steel building industry. For smaller businesses that want to investigate a PEMB, this might be an issue, but there are still plenty of financing options to pursue.

Paying cash is always an alternative, but you can conserve working capital by financing. This process begins by locking in your steel price with a small down payment. You can then speak to various lenders about securing the best terms.

Visit the Building Department

A conversation with your local building department is always a good idea before embarking on a major building project. Whether you like it or not, these officials will have some say over parts of your project and will need to sign on it through a final inspection.

Some of the things that you’ll want to investigate with your local building official include:

  • Are you permitted to put a steel building on your property?
  • What are the site-specific wind load and wind exposure guidelines?
  • What is the largest building size you can put on your property and what are your setbacks?
  • Are there any specific building or energy codes you should know about?

Talk to Your Property Owner

While most homeowners can run into trouble with an HOA, your project could be in jeopardy if there is any similar governing body that has some say in what you do on the land. If you don’t own the land, you should obviously discuss your plans with the property owner. Otherwise, investigate any other potential restrictions before moving forward with your project.

Obtain Quotes

Now that you feel more comfortable about your upcoming PEMB project, it’s time to get some quotes from reputable contractors. When you find a prospect, learn as much as you can about the company and their background. Find out how much experience they have with PEMBs in particular. Is this something they just dabble in or do they specialize in these structures?

Once you have a few choice companies on your list, contact them for preliminary meetings. Ask some additional questions and let them put together an initial estimate for your project.

Compare Quotes

One of the most critical steps before signing a contract is reviewing the quotes you receive and making a decision. Unfortunately, not all companies will quote a project the same way, so this makes it difficult to compare apples to apples.

When you do compare quotes, pay particular attention to the following things:

  • Is the size of the building the same on every quote?
  • Are engineering specs (wind exposure & load, collateral load, and snow load) the same on every quote?
  • Do all quotes list the same base condition?
  • Are the sizes and locations of doors the same on each quote?
  • Does each quote state that framed openings includes full trim?
  • Do all of the quotes include a rough 3D building sketch?

It’s essential to remember that, if a quote doesn’t have something listed or show it, then it’s assumed that it isn’t included.

Are You Ready to Start Your Next PEMB Project?

At K-Con, Inc., we specialize in PMEBs for government and commercial clients. These projects are versatile, low-cost structures that are an excellent alternative to conventional construction. They are also customizable and delivered fast.

When you choose a PEMB, you can get creative through various styling and architectural options as well as choose the types of doors, insulation, and interior that will best suit your needs. If you’re ready to get started with your next building project, contact K-Con, Inc. to learn more about how these structures can help you achieve your goals.